Summerholiday 1999, ans & iranda

In 2000 we have been in Dublin, Ireland, click ->here<- to see the pictures
Also on this place we have stored much more pictures from our 1999 vacation.

  Vacation pictures from Sweden 1999: Jamtland and Dalarna. 

The pictures are a bit dark so later I will lighten them a bit.
To be able to have your dog(s) with you in Sweden you should read this.
This is the house we rented. You can find the details on Bo Pa Lantgard. The house is at Fannbyn, that is 12km south from Ostersund in the province Jamtland. The owners are Niklas and Camilla with their kids Julia and Frej. They have 2 dogs also: Buster and Funny who are a real team.
Here are living the owners off the Fannbyn house: Niklas, Camilla, Julia and Frej. The dogs are called Funny and Buster.The farm is for milk production.

This is an edge of the big Storsjo lake. Taken in Ostersund, the harbour.

This is still the same harbour in Ostersund.
Ostersund is situated 1000 km's to the north of Helsingborg. It lies in the province Jamtland. In may/june/july the days are long. No dark nights in June (unless the weather is bad).

Jamtland is in the winter good for the wintersport. For example the lovely place Are

There are 2 wateplanes in which you can take a flight,

You will find beautifull spots when you take a boat and go over the lake.
In 1997 we were 6 months in Ostersund and made much much much more pictures. Maybe we will add some off them. They include many pictures from the waterfalls in Jamtland, raindeer
In the Storsjo lake there lives a legend: The Storsjo Monster. You can read about it if you go to the Jamtland web or the Ostersund site. In 1998 monster specialists (Logness) came here to search it.

This is the place where we were the other 1,5 weeks. It is close to the village: Stora Skedvi. It is called Guldsmedsbo. The owners: Gerd and Lars-Erik have a farm here. Their kids are called: Klas, Lisa and Nils The dog is called: Tusan.

The road to the farm, which was under construction, In November 1998 the owners Gerd and Erik started building the new stable. Guess it will be in Falu Rod color next year?

This then is the house that we rent in Guldsmedsbo, it is close to places like Borlange, Falun, Leksand and it lies in Sodra Dalarna (South Dalarna)

Nice to have a good photo, but the eyes are still suffering from the camera.

The bridge in the centrum from Leksand. Just another picture.

This is the Falu Gruva in Falun. In this place the red paint is discovered and made: Falu Rod.
Falu has elements of copper.

This doesn't look like Sweden, but it is: when you are on the Trollvagen (Trollroad) and look to the right you will see this beauty. It is not Australia.


The rocks left from the waterfall.

The water breaks over these rocks when it is dwon from the waterfall. 

Clear water.

The waterfall is 96 mtr high and has the biggest depth in Sweden.

Beautifull nature again 1 km after the fall.

This is 200 km north west from the place Mora, Special is that there are no trees here. This is the Trollvagen.

Miranda and Jenny enjoying the nature.

Hans and Jenny standing above the swampy area.

This is the Nippbo man you will find him at the trollvagen.

Watch out for Trolls when you drive to Gesunda: the place where you will find Santaworld.

Nice for the kids: Tomteland (Santaworld)
Later we will scan more photo's and publish them here on this page.
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